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About Us

About the Allen Park Community School

The Allen Park Community School is geared toward high school students, age 14-19, who have experienced a lack of success in the traditional school setting. Our program provides a multi-disciplinary approach to assist students in completing their academic course requirements.

A ratio of 22:1 student-to-teacher ratio allows more time to complement student studies with an emphasis on character education and interpersonal skill development. Learning styles are identified and accommodated to build on the strengths of each individual student.

We believe that our students have aspirations and deserve the chance to choose an educational setting consistent with their learning style. Our approach to educating youth include:
  • An emphasis on personalization, caring, cooperation, and acceptance instruction.
  • Emphasis on complete student development with individualized instruction.
  • Smaller classes and lower pupil to teacher ratio.
  • Small school setting of 150 students.
  • A curriculum provided within a flexible schedule.
We are proud of our students and our school and invite you to read our vision and what we believe in the following:
We believe statements.
Sean Laura, Principal 
(313) 827-2660
Alaina Volante, Secretary
(313) 827-2660